Frequently Asked Questions

How many food trucks do I need for my event?

Generally, one food truck can comfortably cover all your service needs.  And depending on your cuisine preference, if you wish to have more than one truck, be prepared to meet the minimum fees, usually $800 for lunches and $1000 for evening/dinner service per truck.  The owners will be able to accommodate most menus if you just ask.

Do we have to go through an organizer to hire you?

NO.  In fact, if you are trying to plan an event for your company, event or neighborhood, we always recommend directly contacting the food truck owners.  It saves both you and the food truck owners from having to pay a 3rd party Food Truck Organizer an additional unnecessary fees.

Do you come to events when the is vendor fees charged?

Would you charge your plumber to come out and fix your leaky sink?  No... 

Then don't charge your chef for coming out to cook for you.

We already have to pay municipal licensing and permit fees, litter taxes, insurance fees, and we take the risk of preparing foods that you may or may not purchase.  More food truck owners are declining to work with event planners and organizers that add an additional fee just to  collect extra money for themselves for providing you a service.

Are there any contracts?

Yes.  Usually the organizer of an event will have a contract for the food truck owners, but we also have a contract that we require for booking. Please contact Chef directly to discuss the terms.